Our Team

HORSES AND HUMANS have brought together three very experienced and qualified equestrian specialists. They each share a love for horses and a passion for using their skills to deliver the interventions needed to bring sustainable, positive change to lives of adults, teenagers and children in need. The impact of their work with participants can be quite extraordinary.

Programs are held in an idyllic rural setting. Our horse partners are very well cared for, are fully vaccinated, and offer a wide range of personalities, ages and levels of training. This gives our facilitators a variety of options to challenge, support and connect with the children on the program.

The following qualifications are held by the business partners

Matty Sormani
First Aid including CPR
Equestrian Australia L1 Coach
Pony Club Coach L1
L1 Coach Equestrian – CAD (Coaching Athletes with Disability) through Riding for
the Disabled NSW)
Equine Assisted Learning and Development – EAL, EFL, EAGALA Equine Specialist
(2017 interna4onal update)
Veterinary Nurse (1963-1973)
Coaching Principles Level l and ll UNE
                                                                        Cert ll Workplace Training & Assessment
                                                                        Queensland Drivers License Class LR

Coralie Kedzlie
First Aid including CPR
Level ll/Assessor Equestrian-CAD (Coaching Athletes with Disability) through Riding for Disabled Australia
Pony Club Coach L1
Assessor for Horse Riding Coach.com
Cert 1V Workplace Training & Assessment
Diploma Disability Studies
Queensland Drivers Licence – Class C
Workplace Health and Safety Officer expired 14/7/2013 Number: 021539

Ali Clift
First Aid including CPR
Equine Assisted Learning and Development
BEd Hons,Captain (Retd),
Queensland Drivers Licence – Class C

Jessica Doak
B.Psych (Hons), MPsych(Clin), MAPS
Email: info@horsesandhumans.com.au

Our most valuable assets: some of the wonderful horses from Horses and Humans